day 1 – 2013



Hello and Happy 2013!

New Years Resolution #1 – be BLOG chic.

Why Blog? Well similar to going blonde back in college I occasionally resort with the mantra – “if you can’t beat em join em”

AND today in 2013, the internet is POPPIN.  Every Day “2 million blog posts are written“…. REDIC. But true.

Due mostly to my lack of facebook, “instagrannying”, and tweeting, I have been looking for a more creative and dynamic way to annotate my thoughts. The result – TANECDOTES (Get it. TAN = initials, ANECDOTES = (n) a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident. I thought cute?!)

And thus I will endeavor to begin 2013 with a more journalistic approach – which will be different as most of my brain operates like an excel spreadsheet.  The goal – “well rounded”.

Other goals for 2013:

-time management (every years resolution…)

-volunteer once a month

Happy New Year!


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