I don’t think it really ever does get easier – “dating…” I suppose the only difference is that you know what tools are required to get through – and can quickly grab the toolbox when necessary [hammer = the wine, nails = pasta, tape measure =melancholy music ].  All that “experience” does is allow you to transition into the recovery state more efficiently.  It never does get easier though – it is like getting the wind knocked out of you – it is only with the tools that you can get back onto the train tracks.  Even when I derail myself, a rare end to these situations, historically… it generally is the other way around. INT. Even when the decision is mine – I still feel strangely empty.  Slowly I am starting to learn that really dating should be something that I embrace with two hands – as part of youth – let’s call it the “turbulent, terrific, teaching twenties”.  But it is so interesting and such a privilege to feel and to care for someone else and then LEARN something from each experience. I should savor the emotions and the volatility because it is beautiful, raw, and real.  Because finding a person that you care about, regardless of the outcome, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  And with each experience you learn something.

“The Turbulent Twenties” Lesson #4587 – Vulnerability and Honesty are vital to relationships.

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