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The “twenty – something” years are definitely an INT blend of uncomfortable and fabulous!  At just turned 25, I have so far experienced both.  I often tell my sister, who is only 2.5 years younger that the first couple of years out of college are the toughest. Friends change, social circles shrink, you don’t know what you are doing or who you are doing it with.  It is the time to “prove yourself”.  I like to think that now I am over the hump of uncomfortable, not confident, unknowing, and confused.  Unfortunately, I think I will shortly be smacked in the face with the reality that being “out of your comfort zone” is one of the most necessary and essential aspects of life and personal growth.  I have been given the absolutely ridiculous and privileged ability to dance around the top of Maslow’s Pyramid.  Fortunate that all other layers of “my needs” are met and I can spend time psycho analyzing my thoughts, actions, relationships, and feelings. I have been extremely blessed – its beautiful and unfair all at the same time.

I am Irish by blood – American by birth.  My parents immigrated from Ireland separately to the United States and concluded that California was the best place on earth – I agree.  Fiona and I grew up in Riverside, a up and coming metropolis right at the intersection of the 215/60/91.  In California, we often associate locations with freeways.  My transition to San Diego happened very strategically by my mother.  Irish women are tough and smart.  Irish mothers take these adjectives to new levels by applying them to child raising.  They are relentless in their pursuit of making their children the absolute best possible human beings they can be.  It is safe to say that almost every step of my life journey – engineering, San Diego living, dancing, real estate purchases, and a strong sibling relationship – were seeds covertly sown and routinely watered by my mother.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a mother.  You literally carry a part of yourself for 9 months then have it torn out of you.  You then proceed to nurture, teach, tolerate, and love, and what do we do to repay the favor…leave!  As if it all of the unconditional love, care, and worry you had for us was something that we are entitled to. I supposed I will one day have my chance to be on the other end of the agreement.

On June 5th, 2012 I closed escrow on a 1 bedroom condo in downtown San Diego (East Village to be exact!). This I think was probably the best aspect of 2012.  Fiona and I are living together in a lovely and well located 621 square foot condo in the heart of DTSD – blocks away from the infamous gasLAMP quarter.  The set up has exceed every expectation I ever had.  The whole situation has been awesome. I am a big fan of Fiona. I often think (and say) that I would even hang out with her if she wasn’t my sister! She is a very good egg – my right (AND LEFT) arm.

In June I will be 5 years with Turner. DANG. Talk about construction CHIC.  And this summer, I am going to take Turner toting to all new levels and transfer to the business unit in New York.   I am SO excited for the next chapter – but by far the hardest 3 parts (well 4) will be mom, dad, fiona, and duffy.  I have never considered myself to be a family person – I always thought that it was an implied aspect of humanity.  But as I get older I realize and am starting to internally and externally acknowledge that I am.  I will also miss the warm weather, I have been told that it is cold in New York – uh oh.  My game plan – lots of GLOVES.

To sum it up – I am a bread loving, technology exploring, urban dwelling,  hard hat wearing, environmentally passionate – part granola – part diva – part dancer – part excel spreadsheet – irish american girl that wants to work hard, give to others, appreciate life, and be happy.




Ireland – June 2013

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