new york. & DC.

New York is just magical – especially at Christmas.  It is also insane, but beautifully insane. This New York trip was a short little stint, but as usual – jam packed.  I arrived in “The Apple” on Thursday afternoon and after a quick change headed out for a Turner Tot NYC happy hour.  Then, in true New York fashion, at 10PM, we went for dinner. Jen, Kristin, and I went to a tiny little glimmering Indian restaurant that gave any “Candy Cane Lane” a serious run for their money.  6 inches thick stringed lights in various shapes, sizes, fruit types, and colors covered the ceiling of this incredible closet sized restaurant.  Only in New York would you find such delicious food served amidst such bright chromatic decor!

The second part of the east coast excursion was to visit Michelle – I mean Mary –  in DC!  Mary was fantastic host and very much succeeded in orchestrating a the perfect blend between “a day in the life of Mary” & “DC Tourist.” We went for dinner in Georgetown – (dang super posh), morning namaste at Barre Method, breakfast at Founding Farmers (one of MICH’s Favs!), & a quick round robin of DC’s most notable tourist attractions.

There have been a few trips that I have enjoyed so much – that I don’t even realize how much I appreciated the time spent, until I got home – this was one of those trips!

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