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So we have these “long term goals” that hopefully move into the “short term goal” category. Well taking the EIT was on my “Before New York” check list.   I should have taken the EIT before graduating college but at the time between working at Turner, school, and  all the social activities going on – I didn’t really have had the mental capacity to take it  – or rather take it seriously.  The goal has been on the to do list for over a year.  With the move now imminent it was now or never…because lets be real – there is no way I am going to study while living in Manhattan – far too much excitement going on!

After enrolling in a course at USD and spending all “free” time for four month studying, the day (April 13th) was upon me.  Test day was rather poetic –  for 8 hours I perched in an uncomfortable chair with foam plugs lodged in my ears in a freezing barn at the Del Mar Fair Grounds.  I was surrounded by 500 other nerdy engineers feriously trying to solve 120 problems in 240 minutes! I realized that day that I am truly a nerd and might as well embrace it.

Results are in…passed!

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