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california meet new york.

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goodbye & hello!

san diego to NYC

twenty something – dating.

“Dating in your twenties – it’s about the journey not the destination”

He loves me…He loves me not…He loves me…He loves me not..He loves me…He loves me not……

My first crush was when I was 5 years old – Travis Kisgen. He was short, but I was short. He has dirty blonde hair and was a child actor. I found out many years later that Travis liked me too back when we were 5, although I would have never known this because all he did was tease me! Evidently that is the way boys show their affection, regardless of whether they are 5 or 25!

Fellow Toastmasters and Guests…..Dating in your twenties, it’s about the journey not the destination.

Now 20 years later and there have been various boys since Travis Kisgen. Some I have liked, that haven’t liked me.  Some that have liked me, but I haven’t liked them. And then there are those rare instances where you both like each other and it just works out – even for only a brief moment in time. I have a distribution of twenty something year old friends in various stages of relationships.  3 married, 2 divorced, 2 with children. 10 single and loving it, 10 single and desperate.  5 about to be engaged.  3 recently brokenhearted boys, 3 newly independent women.

As I stand here, 25 years old, the conclusion that I have come to based on my experiences and the stories from those around me is that there are 4 variables that come into play while dating in your twenties.

X=Chemistry, Y=day to day operation, Z=fundamental core compatibility.

These three dimensions are what determine whether or not a person will be a good fit for you and arguable whether or not it will “work out”.  But…unfortunately, we do not live in a 3Dimensional world.  There is a 4th variable – and that is t=time. I have learned that especially in your twenties…timing is everything.

First, X, chemistry.  We have all felt it, that moment where you meet someone you just connect with, that you are attracted to.  Sometimes you can’t even explain why you are drawn to that person – but you are.  It is that physical, sexual chemistry that is vital to any romantic partnership.  A popular way in which many are dating today is though online dating.  I have found that chemistry can be one of the pitfalls of online dating.  Who wouldn’t try online dating – its fantastic!  Its like going through a catalog! I would like 5-10″, green eyes, dark hair, can even choose what income level!  Unfortunately often after sieving through the candidates you find yourself sitting across the table from your “future husband” only to find out that there is ZERO spark.  Sure, you can keep trying and hope that the fire will ignite…but likely it never will. Chemistry is essential.

Y, day to day operation.  What does this mean, day to day operation? Well, this is how you conduct your life on a day to day basis – what you do on the weekends.  Are you active? Do you play sports? Do you like watching TV? Do you eat fast food?  Do you like to go out to eat? Do you like to stay home and cook?  Are you a work-a-holic? Do you spend money causally or are you frugal? On a Saturday night do you want to be hammered at a night club or watching a movie or hanging out with friends?  All those things that make up your routine that typically don’t matter with your friends because usually you have different friends for your different interests. But when it comes to a partner – you need to want to do the same things, or at least be on the same page.

Z, fundamental core compatibility.  By the time we reach our mid twenties, typically you have begun to cement on who you are and what is most important to you.  This is the fundamental fiber of who you are as a person.  This is developed based upon your parents, your political beliefs, your placement in your family (only child, youngest, oldest, middle child), religious beliefs, socioeconomic situation growing up, where you went to school, your ethnicity, do you want children, when do you want to end up living.  These are the values that when all the dust settles and you are alone in the world – what defines you as a person.

Now naturally, you do not open with a list of your core values on the first date – but after the relationship gets going and you start to peel back the layers – you start to learn what is that core of the other person and quickly you are faced with the decision that while you might like this person…is the friction that will come with your long term partnership worth it?

And then…even if you get all three of these variables, and they perfectly line up within your 3D space…we must face the cold hard truth of life. There is the 4th dimension…time.

Society gives us the obnoxious opportunity in our twenties to be as selfish as we want.  Its about my education, my job, my car, my mortgage, my city, my path.  Along the road you have to decide whether you are going to derail your plans for another person. It is tricky to know exactly what to do and what the best decision is.

So after many highs and lows, conversations with friends, and with mom.  Feelings of butterflies and tears filled with sadness and rejection, I have concluded that dating in your twenties isn’t just about finding “that person” – it’s about accepting all the variables and living in 4D. Because life is about people and relationships. Its about accepting the rocky road because it is the rocks not the smooth path that challenge us, and teach us.

Dating in your twenties, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

-PB Toastmasters, August 6th 2013

eit check


So we have these “long term goals” that hopefully move into the “short term goal” category. Well taking the EIT was on my “Before New York” check list.   I should have taken the EIT before graduating college but at the time between working at Turner, school, and  all the social activities going on – I didn’t really have had the mental capacity to take it  – or rather take it seriously.  The goal has been on the to do list for over a year.  With the move now imminent it was now or never…because lets be real – there is no way I am going to study while living in Manhattan – far too much excitement going on!

After enrolling in a course at USD and spending all “free” time for four month studying, the day (April 13th) was upon me.  Test day was rather poetic –  for 8 hours I perched in an uncomfortable chair with foam plugs lodged in my ears in a freezing barn at the Del Mar Fair Grounds.  I was surrounded by 500 other nerdy engineers feriously trying to solve 120 problems in 240 minutes! I realized that day that I am truly a nerd and might as well embrace it.

Results are in…passed!



I don’t think it really ever does get easier – “dating…” I suppose the only difference is that you know what tools are required to get through – and can quickly grab the toolbox when necessary [hammer = the wine, nails = pasta, tape measure =melancholy music ].  All that “experience” does is allow you to transition into the recovery state more efficiently.  It never does get easier though – it is like getting the wind knocked out of you – it is only with the tools that you can get back onto the train tracks.  Even when I derail myself, a rare end to these situations, historically… it generally is the other way around. INT. Even when the decision is mine – I still feel strangely empty.  Slowly I am starting to learn that really dating should be something that I embrace with two hands – as part of youth – let’s call it the “turbulent, terrific, teaching twenties”.  But it is so interesting and such a privilege to feel and to care for someone else and then LEARN something from each experience. I should savor the emotions and the volatility because it is beautiful, raw, and real.  Because finding a person that you care about, regardless of the outcome, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  And with each experience you learn something.

“The Turbulent Twenties” Lesson #4587 – Vulnerability and Honesty are vital to relationships.


serendipity |serənˈdipitē|

(n) – the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Why is hindsight so much clearer?  And why is that we tend to only really cherish the moment after the fact?  It is because we really can only see its value from a distance.  Life really is just a series of random actions – but yet how brilliantly the puzzles pieces can come together in such a serendipitous way.

In the last year, I have found a deeper level of what I believe is serendipity.  Last week I attended a conference in Florida and across the room sat a person that has probably changed the course of my career.   It was just over two years ago we sat in a similar room surrounded by people with just the future ahead – a strong connection albeit unconventional relationship has grown and I realized in that moment looking across the room that you just can deny the serendipity of it all! Things do happen for a reason I think- and its not until hindsight we understand why.

Over the past three years, I have found myself doing certain things, exploring different situations, and making various connections – most of which I thought were random. Never did I imagine that it could ever, especially this quickly,  accumulate and swirl together into a mixture of recognition and fortune – but yet it has.  Fleeting as it might be – I wonder though why?  Did I really do something right, or was it just serendipity working out in my favor and placing the right people in my path.  I suppose that I still had to engage them?  In many ways I do feel I worked hard – but I also got lucky. Destiny or chance?  Both?  A series of small actions collide to form a result. The reaction is then based on what?  Time, the ingredients, or both?

Maybe subconsciously I thought that it would all come together – but I don’t think so.  Doing each piece as an independent activity was the right play at the time – but how to do you work towards a master plan, if you don’t know what plan even looks like.  I still don’t know what that looks like!

There is a fine line between confident and conceded – between conviction and arrogance – between strong and brazen.  As a woman it is important to walk the fine line and air on the side of caution. I must remember to constantly clip my wings  yet maintain stability and confidence. A trick blend.  If all else fails – channel Beyonce.

25 & nohilly time

riverside.LA.San Diego

riverside.LA.San Diego

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a bit weird about my birthday. For a few reasons but most significantly….1. it definitely a day when you have both the spotlight and expectations – which in my opinion isn’t a very good combination! And 2. It is a very special day, that only comes one a year, and deep down you want it to be a memorable event with the meaningful and permanent people in life.  In recent years, I have attempted to change my typical birthday protocol in which I hype it up and do a ton of planning for either a big party or reunion of friends …and then find myself either too drunk or too stressed to even enjoy the day.

On Jan 19th, 2013 – I turned 25 or as I have coined it – Terriann 2.5!  Spoken like a true “Generation Y/Millennials” right?! I did organize a little happy hour celebration for Thursday night which was very enjoyable.  There was a nice turn out and it was a perfect combination between low key and social. On Friday night I headed to Riverside for the weekend.  Mom and Dad are in the thick of the Winter SAT season.  In an effort to promote their SAT classes for Feburary/March, Be College Wise is offering practice tests to the various high schools around the IE (Inland Empire) .  I helped proctor the SAT test at Norco High School on Saturday morning. That evening after a quiet birthday dinner, Mom & I got a phone call from Dad, who had been out shit kicking.  The recent acquisition of cell phone knowledge came in very handy as he called to report that he was broken down the side of the 215 holding the hypothesis was that he had run out of gas. I immediately got secret satisfaction out of this recalling the numerous diatribes I have been told entitled “irresponsibility with the car.”  Well boy did karma show me! We spent 4 hours waiting on a stretch of bustling freeway between Harvey Knox and Van Buren.  Murphy was definitely in top form because coincidentally AAA had a system wide shut down this very night. Two battery jump starts and a gas drop off later we made it home.  Our savior after numerous phone calls was seemingly the only tow company in the IE with a working truck, a reasonable rate, and was “within the radius distance.”   Talk about serious Nohilly bonding!

day 1 – 2013



Hello and Happy 2013!

New Years Resolution #1 – be BLOG chic.

Why Blog? Well similar to going blonde back in college I occasionally resort with the mantra – “if you can’t beat em join em”

AND today in 2013, the internet is POPPIN.  Every Day “2 million blog posts are written“…. REDIC. But true.

Due mostly to my lack of facebook, “instagrannying”, and tweeting, I have been looking for a more creative and dynamic way to annotate my thoughts. The result – TANECDOTES (Get it. TAN = initials, ANECDOTES = (n) a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident. I thought cute?!)

And thus I will endeavor to begin 2013 with a more journalistic approach – which will be different as most of my brain operates like an excel spreadsheet.  The goal – “well rounded”.

Other goals for 2013:

-time management (every years resolution…)

-volunteer once a month

Happy New Year!


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