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Fiona’s 23rd Birthday at Bailiwick in Downtown San Diego.

A Birthday Toast_June 15th 2013


The Nohilly Sisters - Wish you A Happy St. Patricks Day

Photo Credit – Sarah Montgomery

This year I thought it would be cute to send out greetings for St. Patrick’s Day.  Particularly since Fiona and I are living together this year and with the imminent move to New York – we have to savor and capture each moment! The picture was taken across the street from the airport.  The location, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful spots in San Diego.

Mom is down for St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I am actively embracing what will be my last St. Patrick’s Day (at least for a while) in San Diego. This morning we ran the St. Patrick’s Day 10K in Mission Bay and as I ran over the location in which I had my “” epiphany almost 2.5 years ago.. it struck me the memories that lay buried deep in the various nooks and crannies of the San Diego English Muffin  I have left these invisible breadcrumbs scattered across America’s Finest City!  Breadcrumbs in all shapes, sizes, and drunk levels -;)  Each of these crumbs capturing an emotion, a thought, an idea, a memory, or a moment along my journey.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013 | San Diego, California

memorable moments


Thanks to some keen photog skills – probably my favorite photo of the California Nohilly’s is ready for print!  This photo marks a special time for the family- it was taken on Fiona’s graduation day from UCSD and circa the time she was accepted into the masters program.  It also marked the closing of escrow on my condo in downtown San Diego (which was undoubtedly a TEAM effort in many ways).   The scene and the placement of parties just about epitomizes the unit.  Duffy, looking quite angelic, in the center – OBVI and also representative of real life, a glass of wine subtly placed for easy access and filled most likely with Lindeman’s – Dad’s favorite, and us clustered together to try to squeeze into Cannon PowerShot’s 10 second countdown & flash!  We are sitting outside on the balcony because…its Southern California so of course you can put a table outside. San Diego weather is redic – granted this was June – but conveniently it is beautiful ALWAYS. Yes, very spoiled.  My plan is to now get this printed on canvas for Mom/Dad, one for the apartment, and then another to take to NYC.

25 & nohilly time

riverside.LA.San Diego

riverside.LA.San Diego

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a bit weird about my birthday. For a few reasons but most significantly….1. it definitely a day when you have both the spotlight and expectations – which in my opinion isn’t a very good combination! And 2. It is a very special day, that only comes one a year, and deep down you want it to be a memorable event with the meaningful and permanent people in life.  In recent years, I have attempted to change my typical birthday protocol in which I hype it up and do a ton of planning for either a big party or reunion of friends …and then find myself either too drunk or too stressed to even enjoy the day.

On Jan 19th, 2013 – I turned 25 or as I have coined it – Terriann 2.5!  Spoken like a true “Generation Y/Millennials” right?! I did organize a little happy hour celebration for Thursday night which was very enjoyable.  There was a nice turn out and it was a perfect combination between low key and social. On Friday night I headed to Riverside for the weekend.  Mom and Dad are in the thick of the Winter SAT season.  In an effort to promote their SAT classes for Feburary/March, Be College Wise is offering practice tests to the various high schools around the IE (Inland Empire) .  I helped proctor the SAT test at Norco High School on Saturday morning. That evening after a quiet birthday dinner, Mom & I got a phone call from Dad, who had been out shit kicking.  The recent acquisition of cell phone knowledge came in very handy as he called to report that he was broken down the side of the 215 holding the hypothesis was that he had run out of gas. I immediately got secret satisfaction out of this recalling the numerous diatribes I have been told entitled “irresponsibility with the car.”  Well boy did karma show me! We spent 4 hours waiting on a stretch of bustling freeway between Harvey Knox and Van Buren.  Murphy was definitely in top form because coincidentally AAA had a system wide shut down this very night. Two battery jump starts and a gas drop off later we made it home.  Our savior after numerous phone calls was seemingly the only tow company in the IE with a working truck, a reasonable rate, and was “within the radius distance.”   Talk about serious Nohilly bonding!

team ireland

After years of discussion about a “Ronan” cameo in California – it finally happened!  Ronan, en route back to Galway, made a pit stop in the States.  We were thrilled to have him and show him all of the highlights of Nohilly life in Southern California.  He landed in LAX and then went to Riverside for a few days of home cooking and Duffy time.  After a few days in Santa Monica he took the train down to San Diego where Fiona picked him up from the station.  His tour of San Diego consisted of : A Chargers Game, Night out in Downtown, Dinner at the Condo, Chipotle Burrito, & OH – YES – the scare of his life when we thought he wasn’t going to be able to get his flight home (after 3 years of not being back in Ireland)!  There were a few complications with his flight, but luckily alls well that ends well and he made to Cummer just in time for Christmas Dinner.

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